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Manual Handling

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This course is suitable for any health or social care professional who needs an understanding of manual handling and identifying risks.


Manual Handling - Section 1
In this Section we will:
• Set out the aims of the course;
• Identify the qualifying units for manual handling training that contribute to a level 2 Health and Social Care Diploma
• Define Manual Handling, and
• Look at government statistics for injuries caused by incorrect manual handling.

Manual Handling - Section 2
In this Section we will:

• consider the range of injuries that can arise from incorrect manual handling.

Manual Handling - Section 3
In this Section we will:

• state the legal requirements relating to manual handling; and
• study the process for assessing the risk of injury.

Manual Handling - Section 4
In this section we will:

• Study the forces affecting the body when lifting or pushing and pulling - the biomechanics of manual handling
• Set out the best way to lift or push and pull using biomechanical principles
• Set out sensible lifting limits
• Discuss the points to consider when a team of people carry out manual handling activities
• Consider the environment around you when performing a manual handling operation

Manual Handling - Section 5
In this Section we will:

• Consider the requirements for handling and moving people; and
• Consider the special handling needs of bariatric people.
• Discuss ‘Agreed Ways of Working’, the Care Plan, Updating a Care Plan
• Discuss how to prevent and handle falls

Manual Handling - Section 6

In this Part we will
• look at how ergonomic design can improve the efficiency of safe manual handling;
• state the legal requirements for using equipment and lifting devices; and
• Consider good practice for controlling infection when manual handling.



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