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Think on Your Feet® Course
Verbal communication skills for when 
you are put on the spot

Course Type
In house - or Public workshop

This practical, intensive programme will dramatically improve your oral communication skills, enabling you to get your point across clearly, concisely, persuasively and memorably.

Thinking on Your Feet is the skill that marks us out as confident and in control. When we are put on the spot, training in delivering formal presentations, is not going to help us. We need to be able to respond instantly, demonstrate our knowledge and understanding - and do so with clarity, brevity and impact®.

Think on Your Feet® delivered by licensed 'Think on Your Feet®' trainers, is the only programme that builds the skill of responding confidently 'in the moment' when there is little or no time to prepare.

Whether in a meeting, one-to-one, addressing a colleague or making a presentation, Think on Your Feet® provides you with techniques to home in on issues, organise ideas, reduce preparation and response time and handle awkward questions - you'll never get 'caught on the spot' again. Read More

Benefits of this course
  • Structure what you are thinking - develop a structure to use before you speak.
  • Get your point and ideas across clearly and persuasively - create a lasting and memorable impression.
  • Break down technical language - respond in a language that everyone can understand.
  • Present with greater impact - deliver clear and straight to the point messages.
  • Be more confident during any verbal communication - by structuring your ideas, you will find it much easier to communicate and never be caught on-the-spot again.
  • Turn nervousness into energy - channel energy into the message rather than a 'flight and fight' response.
  • Buy time to gather your thoughts when put on the spot - by using 'bridging' strategies.
  • Handle objections positively - become more persuasive and lucid.
  • Answer questions confidently and effectively - condense your thoughts into one coherent, impressive message.
  • Deal with hostile situations and emotional issues - by delivering a clear, direct and persuasive message.
  • Above all you'll be able to get to the point - and be remembered!


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