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  • 24 Oct 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The CPDme team are up in Beautiful Cumbria today supporting a great two day CPD conference covering Human Factors in Paediatric Care.

    Keep following the updates on Twitter with #HFPaedsEvent2019

    Recordings will be made available shortly. Be sure to follow us on Twitter

  • 16 Jul 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Counting down to the launch of the NEW CPD Dashboard, we are releasing daily sneak peaks into our system! Follow this blog post for daily insights to find out more...

    MONDAY 15TH JULY 2019

    Today's sneak peak shows you how you can better manage your CPD entries using the new dashboard. Within the "Entries" area, you can view and search for all your items in date order. Each entry is colour coded so you can easily identify the status of each item listed. You also have the option to preview, edit, delete and share. Watch this quick video clip to find out more...

    This provides a simple approach to viewing and managing all your CPD entries!

    SUNDAY 14TH JULY 2019

    Today's sneak peak is very much focused on the extra "Save Option" capabilities built into all aspects of the dashboard. We have introduced simple colour coding to make sure your work is always stored safely: 

    • Save and Continue (Green)
    • Save and Exit (Amber)
    • Leave without Saving (Red)

    When you opt to not save your work, you will always be asked twice to make sure this wasn't selected in error. 


    Our Saturday sneak peak is focused on "Managing your Evidence Files" via the new dashboard. The new dashboard has a dedicated area for managing all of your files. 

    You can upload and manage evidence files from within this area, allowing you to easily identify which file is attached to a particular diary entry. When adding a new diary entry, you can then select evidence from your file store to be attached. Watch this quick video clip to find out more...

    It couldn't be any easier managing your evidence using CPDme! 

    FRIDAY 12TH JULY 2019 

    Our first sneak peak into the new system is how to Customise your Dashboard. You can now tailor your front dashboard screen and select which infographics you would like to see. Simply select and de-select the infographics you wish to see within your "Settings".

    You can also choose to enable / disable notification settings. Watch this quick video clip to find out more...

    You can now choose the information you want to see and make this personal to you! 

  • 28 Feb 2019 5:17 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

          Free Digital CPD Solution

    Does your business or organisation offer CPD Certificates? Did you know that CPDme offer not just a digital and printed CPD Certificate Solution, but also send alongside digital supporting evidence like the presentations, bulletins and other supporting evidence to substantiate your learning and development.

    Our paid Certificate systems start from only £75.00 per year for our basic system, but we are giving away 10 premium systems to the first 10 companies to contact us after our digital presentation on the 14th March 2019 at 2pm. The presentation is 20mins with Q&A. 

    Simply click the link above or email from your company email and we will to invite you to a demonstration of our system on the 14th March 2019 at 2pm. If you like it, then we will brand you up a system, design you a modern and or refreshed certificate and give you a FREE no obligation 12 months trial. If you don't like it after 12 months, theres no obligation to use or purchase.

    Revolutionise the way you manage your CPD Certificates and evidence of development with #CPDMADESIMPLE 

  • 31 Dec 2018 2:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As we approach the end of 2018, we hope you have had a successful year and look forward to supporting you through your professional development journey in 2019. 

    We have some very exciting new developments planned for 2019, building upon some of the great new features and functionality introduced during 2018. Here is just a quick snap-shot of what is coming....

    • A new interactive user dashboard including info-graphical reports.
    • Integration with the Clinical Skills Log.
    • Ability to share CPD with others. 
    • Additional customisation features for your CPD portfolio.
    • Ability to tailor particular fields to own preferences. 
    • Further updates to both the iOS and Android apps.
    • More CPD opportunities and special offers for our premium members. 

    And much more....

    We will be keep you informed via this blog and email you in relation to upcoming features as well as explain how you can get more involved in our future developments. 

    Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!

  • 01 Aug 2018 5:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Continuing Professional


    ECG - Between the lines

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is not just about reading and recording; it is a very real and necessary part of our role in the NHS and private ambulance services. It is not a management tool to hit key performance indicators (KPI) or a governing body quirk to cause unnecessary suffering or stress. In fact it exists to assist professionals in becoming skilled and well informed employees.

    CPD is an emerging field in pre-hospital care; succinctly described by the Health Professions Council (HPC, 2006) as

    A range of learning activities through which health professionals maintain and develop throughout their career to ensure that they retain their capacity to practice safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice.’ (p.6)

    Perhaps an easier way to conceptualise CPD is to think about a brick house, each building block representing a learning experience, which when combined with other learning experiences completes the whole structure. The secret to CPD is the ability to recognise and demonstrate how each of these blocks of knowledge creates a safe and effective professional, whilst being able to take a step back to evaluate and reflect upon your work.

    One of the more important stages of CPD isRECOGNITION, let’s take an example:

    You recognise that you have concerns about understanding electrocardiograms (ECG) and that you struggle with the basic waveform and recognition of a normal sinus rhythm. The fact that you have recognised you need a better understanding of ECGs is the biggest hurdle. Having unlimited access to online learning and development regarding interpreting ECG waveforms is advantageous in today’s busy work / learning climate. Historically as clinicians, we would routinely rely on colleagues to share sample ECGs they have taken and given an explanation of the recording. However, data protection and patient confidentiality now frowns upon this ritualised practice.

    Sibson (2008, p.74) states that CPD should be an activity ‘at the discretion of the individual and should be specific to their role and environment.’ CPD is described as ‘…the profession’s response to the increasing sense of accountability demanded by today’s society’ (p. 74). Lawton and Wimpenny (2003) suggest that CPD is the need to ‘put one’s house in order’, indeed if you imagine CPD as the analogy described previously of a brick house, then you are the master of your own learning experience and builder of your own CPD.

    Step two of successful CPD is … RECORDING, let’s take an example:

    The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) states that registered professionals must present a written profile containing evidence of their CPD on request. CPD is assessed against specific criteria, Sibson (2008) suggests that each health professional should have a Professional Development Portfolio (PDP). Forde et al., (2009) describe said Portfolio as a ‘collection of material put together in a meaningful way to demonstrate the practice and learning of a practitioner’.

    Step three of successful CPD is…REACTION, let’s take an example:

    Sibson (2008, p.75) recognises that the driving force behind any CPD is how ‘…the CPD Activity has contributed to your clinical/professional practice and has benefited the service user, the patient or carer’. Indeed Armitage (2011) recognises that ‘…there is a fundamental need for understanding in order to develop clinical skills and make informed clinical decisions based on underpinning knowledge and clinical reasoning’.  Simplified to ‘use it or lose it’ and an understanding that CPD will enhance clinical skill and decision making.

    Step four of successful CPD is… REFLECTION, let’s take an example:

    The HPC (2010) cite that the lack of observable reflection in portfolios resulted in a significant figure of submitted portfolios being returned to the auditee. The difficulty lies with the ability to document reflection, some of which the individual may feel is private to themselves. The HCPC does not recommend any one model or template for reflective practice; however templates and models are available and can be used (see. Gibbs (2008) and the reflective diary).

    Andrew Ormerod - Specialist Paramedic

    Spring 2014 - Ambulance Today

    Download the full ECG - Between the Lines CPD Document here

    Further Information and References

    Armitage, E. (2011). Evaluation of the use of portfolios in paramedic practice: part 2. Journal of Paramedic Practice, 3, 328-332.

    Forde, C., McMahon, M., & Reeves, J. (2009). Putting Together Professional Portfolios. SAGE publications, London.

    Gibbs, G. (1988). Learning by Doing: A Guide to Teaching and Learning methods. London: Further Education Unit.

    Health Professions Council (2006). Your guide to our standards for continuing professional development. HPC, London.

    Health Professions Council (2006). Continuing Professional Development and Your Registration. HPC, London.

    Health Professions Council (2010). Written request under Freedom of Information Act 2000 in relation to CPD audit of state registered paramedics in 2009. Reported in Armitage (2011).

    Lawton, S. & Wimpenny (2003). Continuing professional development: a review. Nursing Standard, 17, 41-44.

    Sibson, L. (2008). An Introduction to CPD for paramedic practice. Journal of Paramedic Practice, 1, No 2.


    Understanding ECGs and CPD - Capture CPD - Record CPD - Manage CPD - Manage Individuals CPD - Recording CPD - E Portfolio - Development Portfolio - CPD Portfolio

  • 24 May 2018 6:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    How to Update your Contact Preferences

    We have made some changes to your personal profile settings so that you can easily update your communication preferences. Please watch this quick step-by-step guide video on how to update your preferences:

    Alternatively, you can follow these steps:
    1. Login to your CPDme account via the website -
    2. Click on Personal Profile or View Profile
    3. Within your Personal profile, select "Edit Profile" 
    4. Tick or leave blank the 4 new consent fields within the "Personal and Employment Details" section
    5. Click on “Save”.

    It is important you update your preferences at the earliest opportunity so that you do not miss out on upcoming events and promotions. 

    Thank you.

    CPDme Support Team


  • 18 May 2018 5:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    CPDme have supported BASICS NW to provide a great CPD event at Bolton University that was recorded and now available to watch as a CPD Digital Learning Experience. 

    BASICS NW requested that CPDme support them to provide both a digital recording that could be accessed 24/7 on all devices but also allow the end user to purchase a CPD Certificate, with 100% of the profits going back to BASICS to support their good cause.

    Andrew Ormerod from CPDme said "BASICS have been supporting learning for as long as I have been involved in Emergency Medicine. I feel that its only right that we give our 100% support to our local team, and allow them in whole to support others in their learning journey"

    The event was facilitated by Andrew Carol (Rusty) who presented Trauma in Pregnancy and was supported by Consultant Paramedic Dan Smith, HEMS Paramedic Andrew Duncan and HEMS Doctor THEO.

    Domini Lawson, CPDme's project Director went along to the event and assisted with both the checking in of delegates and also issued CPD certificates at the presentation venue.

    CPDme continue to support BASICS NW and you can watch the recording of the CPD event and also purchase a certificate by following this link.

  • 17 Apr 2018 3:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Downloading or Updating the NEW 2018 CPDme CPD Portfolio Building Mobile App

    Welcome to the biggest change to CPDme in over 4 years. The New IOS Mobile App. To read more about the great features of this mobile app, simply click here to read the featured blog.

    OK having problems getting started or registering? Due to GDPR Data Legislation Changes in May 2018. We need to have everyone register for the new app and accept the new terms and conditions. Nothing to catch you out, just data law and terms.

    ALL Users must register as a new user and if you already use, You just simply register using the same email address and details. 


    To make things simple as always. Heres a beautiful guide video to help you get started. Simply click this image below

    Still need help? Click the floating support icon to the bottom right.

  • 15 Apr 2018 11:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Launching our new iOS app 

    The 7 Day Countdown - Great New Features

    To share with you some of the new great new app features and functionality, we are sending out a special countdown newsletter. Within the newsletter we cover a main app feature each day until we launch the app on Monday 16th April. Don't worry if you miss one of our newsletter editions as we will be sharing the main features via this blog post on a daily basis. 

    Day 1 (7 days to go...) - The Dashboard

    When you first log into the app, you will be taken to the Dashboard page. The page provides you with a great visual summary of your CPD stats including CPD hours logged and number of CPD entries. 

    Simply tap the top blue stats bar to customise your summary of CPD hours by month, year or lifetime!

    Below the blue CPD figures bar, a useful graph demonstrates your CPD entry trend for the past 12 months.

    You can also view and book onto upcoming CPD webinars. Simply swipe through the list, click to view a description of the webinar and select “Register”.

    Day 2 (6 days to go...) - CPD Entries Page

    The entries page provides with access to view, edit and delete all of your diary and reflective entries in one place. It's a great page to run through all of your CPD and to check the status of your entries.

    To the left of each entry, a traffic light colour system indicates the status of each entry. Green will indicate a complete entry whilst an amber or red status indicates further information is required.

    You can also easily see whether your entry is a diary or reflective account as well as the date of activity/event logged. 

    Tap any entry to preview it or simply swipe left on an entry to view, edit and delete. 

    Day 3 (5 days to go...) - Add Diary Entry

    The diary entry page will guide you step-by-step in completing your entry, providing you with guidance in completing each field to help you along the way. Simply tap the “?” button to view the pop-up guidance. 

    The page has the added ability to save an entry part way through completion, allowing you to come back to it later if required. This is particularly handy for those that are on the go! This will flag up with either an amber or red status on your CPD entries page to remind you that more information is needed.

    Why not use voice dictation to explain how the activity has benefited you? Just press the microphone button on the bottom right of your iOS device and hey presto, your spoken words will appear in the field. Otherwise, you can always type directly into the field. We have also embedded a useful word count feature here.

    Attaching multiple evidence items is now easier than ever from your phone. Adding files, images and voice recordings to your entry if required.

    Day 4 (4 days to go...) - Add Reflective Entry

    The reflective entry page will guide you step-by-step in completing an entry depending on the reflective model that you have selected. Useful guidance points help you to complete your reflective account from beginning to end, asking you questions that will help you to fill in a particular section as best as possible.

    You have a choice of up to three great reflective models, suitable for a range of different reflective accounts. This means you will be able to select an appropriate model that best meets your needs. The three models are the Gibbs, CRASHED and Johns reflective models. 

    You can still take advantage of the voice dictation feature in completing your reflection. Simply press the microphone button on the bottom right of your iOS device and your spoken words will appear in the field. 

    The reflective entries page is a premium feature. Therefore if you are an existing premium member of CPDme or if you have previously paid in the app to unlock this feature, you will be able to access this.

    Day 5 (3 days to go...) - Video Libraries

    Within the app you can access a range of high quality video content, which is a great way to develop your knowledge and skills whilst on the go. The video libraries covers a range of topics including health and social care, human factors, leadership and much more. 

    The library includes free and premium video content so that all members can benefit from this feature. Useful guidance videos are available to all our members in completing their CPD portfolio. Premium members can access all video topics as well as certified recorded webinars. 

    Missed some of our past webinars? Don’t worry, you can find this in our video library to watch at your convenience. All of our webinars are presented by experts in their profession who are passionate about the topic of discussion. 

    We always add new content to our library that will be of benefit to you as a member, so keep a look out.

    Day 6 (2 days to go...) - Account Profile

    The account page is a great new addition to the app, providing you with the ability to update your details as well as being able to add a photo of yourself to personalise your profile. 

    You can now create your portfolio directly from the app, pulling together all of your diary and reflective entries into a single e-document. Simply complete the date range you wish your portfolio to cover and hey presto, your e-portfolio is produced. 

    Viewing your dashboard can also be completed directly from the app, providing you with a summary of your entries as well as some useful infographics that demonstrate your CPD activity trends. 

    The video libraries mentioned as part of yesterday’s newsletter can also be accessed via your profile, selecting the relevant video content that will support your professional development. 

    Day 7 (1 days to go...) - Help and Support

    Help and support is available at your fingertips with the new iOS app, with guidance available in a number of difference formats to suit your preference as well as support through our contact centre.

    From you dashboard page, there is a “?” to the top left of the screen. Clicking on this option will provide you with the ability to select our FAQs page or our contact centre. 

    Our FAQs page is split into 6 sections, covering the main areas of the app as well as a full user guide. Each area will provide you with answers to common questions including “how do I add a new diary entry” and “how to a contact support”. 

    If the answer you are looking for isn’t within our FAQs, don’t worry. You can simply message our contact centre to receive advice and support on all aspects of CPDme at any time. Some one from our support team will be assigned to help you.

  • 01 Apr 2018 6:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear Member

    It's been a while since we made any big changes to our website and mobile apps, but now is the time for change. From April 2018 we will be making two of the biggest changes that we have made in the last 5 years. The two significant changes will be to the features and cost.

    Cost - Let's get this out of the way first!

    As a social enterprise, CPDme makes no profit and has no shareholders. All the money is invested back in our members and development opportunities like our Free CPD webinars and development innovations.

    Our member database is increasing at a rate far greater than we ever expected with over 39 entries made per hour, and the storage space increasing by over 4.5GB per day. That's a lot of submissions!

    As you will know, we have never lost anyones CPD entry as data protection and storage is our platform for success. Sadly this comes at a premium, as we use the most expensive servers in the world (Amazons). Why? Simply because they are reliable and safe.

    The membership cost for NEW members will be increasing to £19.99 from the 16th April 2018. This will also affect people who are not on a recurring payment plan such as direct debit. 

    However, you will have the option to pay either monthly or yearly. The cost Monthly will be £1.99 or yearly will be £19.99. 

    If you already have a direct debit (GoCardless) set up, your price will not be increasing and this will remain the same as long as your direct debit is active. If it is cancelled or fails, you will be required to go onto the new plan.

    If your employer or organisation pay for your membership or access to our systems, then this will not affect you whilst you are under their umbrella.

    People on a Direct Debit or Recurring payment plan will have all the new premium features unlocked in both our website and the upcoming mobile app.

    Upcoming Features

    There will be a host of new features coming from April 2018 onwards including:

    New IOS Mobile App (Android shortly after ext 4 months)

    • Edit Entries
    • See if your entries need more information (colour coded)
    • Store Evidence
    • Voice Recording/Reflections as evidence
    • Generate Infographics Reports
    • Register for Webinar / CPD
    • Access CPD Videos / Trauma Care Videos * / Recorded Webinars

    New CPD Dashboard (Manage all your CPD entries)

    • Manage your Entries more intuitively
    • Store CPD Evidence in a simple CPDstorage solution
    • Access shared CPD shared by other users
    • Register for a Webinar and see your CPD calendar
    • Plan upcoming CPD events
    • Monthly CPD Portfolio Building Webinar
    • Get a Monthly update on your CPD progress

    Premium Certified CPD Webinar Each Month 

    • Access to Key speakers from around the UK
    • Certificate for attending the live event
    • Access to the recording if you miss the live event 

    Access to Premium CPD Recordings (Certificate for recordings)

    • All the previous recorded webinars will be available with a reflective Q&A that will generate a certificate and link to the recording that drops into your personal CPD dashboard

    We will tell you more about each of these upgraded features, in particularly during our app launch campaign. 

    To check your subscription to Follow this simple guide.

    Log In > Personal Profile > Membership Details

    Here you will see that you are subscribed to a yearly plan. If you wish, you can move onto the new Direct Debit system and secure your renewal for £15.99 per year. We will then calculate and refund any credit that is due back to your account. 

    You can set up a Direct Debit by clicking here. We will then link this to your account and send you a refund for each full remaining month that you are in credit. 

    If you need help, simply drop us a support ticket by clicking the HELP icon in the bottom right of the website.

    We know that you will love all the new functionality and featured that we are about to release to you.

    Thank you as always for your valued membership to CPDme.

    Domini Lawson

    CPDme Project Director

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