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20 Aug 2012 10:01 PM | Anonymous member

Seminar Outline:

Health Cares Exchange Initiative

I will be in the UK October 6-12 and would like to present my stress management skills building seminar while there for groups of paid or non-paid care providers.

R. Scott Boots



Editor's note: please read the letters of support below to see how much appreciation Scott has had for his presentations in the UK. Please contact Scott if you would like him to present for your organisation. Email him at or leave your comments on this post.

Letters of Support:

Lancashire County Council - Letter of Support.pdf

Crossroads Orkney - Letter of Support.pdf


MISSION... Founded in Boston in 1992, HCEI's mission  is to create supportive inclusive networks for caregivers, including AIDS caregivers, in diversely affected geographic areas and then foster information and personnel exchanges between them. HCEI works to encourage caregiver collaboration, enhance community-based care, and educate caregivers about stress management. 

Celebrating Compassion: Beating Burnout

The Health Cares Exchange Initiative, Inc. R. Scott Boots, Founder and Director 7100 No. Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60626 773-509-6402

Celebrating Ourselves

Who cares for the care provider? Persons who offer their compassion, skills and resources to those in need are often at risk for burnout, compassion fatigue or vicarious traumatization, creating costly gaps in expertise and caring. Care providers must be reminded how to assert themselves, set healthy boundaries and respond to stress in healthy ways. Nationwide focus groups held by HCEI confirm the need to celebrate the spirit and journey of caring persons while teaching skills-building self-preservation skills for the future. When caregivers care for themselves they provide better care for others.

Presentation Outline

Beginning 1996 in the United States, HCEI held the first-ever nationwide focus groups with both paid and non-paid care providers to document their experiences and needs. From Boston to Kansas, caregivers expressed their needs. In response, this dynamic, interactive and empowering seminar was developed and has been presented to thousands of caregivers. Participants self- identify based on their own experiences and learn through a series of writing, visual and other experiential exercises. The session includes appreciation of dedication and encourages caring persons to set healthy future goals.


Seminar participants will be able to:

  • Understand dynamics of providing care

  • Articulate how each person experiences stress uniquely

  • Identify symptoms of compassion fatigue

  • Utilize practical, proven solutions and exercises for stress reduction

  • Set healthy goals and create a future response plan for personal/professional stress


    Founder and Director R. Scott Boots received his MPA degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is also a graduate of the University of Iowa and Interlochen Center for the Arts. A caregiver himself, he has worked as a training and administration consultant with the MA Departments of Environmental Protection, Social Services and Public Health and served as Co- Chair of Pastoral Care and Chair of the AIDS Support Committee at Trinity Church in the City of Boston. After founding HCEI in 1992, Scott has studied wellness at the Touch Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA and the Mind-Body Clinic at Boston’s Beth-Israel Deaconess Hospital. His seminars have been presented to thousands of caring persons internationally. 

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