Top tips for avoiding fines from HSE’s new Fee for Intervention Scheme

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   Top tips for avoiding fines

   from HSE’s new Fee for

   Intervention Scheme

Top tips for avoiding fines from HSE’s new Fee for Intervention Scheme


As of the 1st October 2012 the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) introduced a new scheme which is catching companies out left right and centre however by following a few simple steps your company can avoid becoming part of the growing statistics.

What is it and how does it affect you?

Health and Safety training is a legal obligation if a company employs more than 5 people, no matter what tasks and duties are undertaken. Even if your role is entirely office based and you sit at a computer answering a telephone all day long you still have to be provided with appropriate training for your role.   Each company throughout the UK could be subject to an HSE inspection at any time and the new ‘Fee for Intervention’ scheme is aimed at those who fall just shy of the required laws.

The scheme is being termed as a "Cost Recovery Scheme" and as such allows the HSE (  to charge an hourly fee to put right any items which cause concern during an inspection or investigation.  There is no consultation period and the corrections are implemented immediately thus meaning the fee is also payable immediately.

The fee is currently set at £124 per hour and this can soon cost your company thousands once you look at travel, re-inspection, minor misdemeanours and other expenses which you may not consider...remember £124 is an hourly rate not a maximum fee.   

Legally what should you be trained in?

Training is essential to comply with the law and responsibilities as an employer.  Those laws state that you must provide appropriate training to all of your employees regardless of their job role.

Training can be undertaken in a number of different forms and reinforced regularly.  Courses can be provided through DVDs, classroom presentations, e-Learning or a one to one chat with your designated officer and reinforced through posters around the workplace and aid memoires like booklets.  Courses such as DSE, Fire Safety and Manual Handling are relevant to nearly every employee in every work situation but additional training such as COSHH, Moving & Handling People and Driving Safely may also be appropriate.  

How can you minimise the risk of being fined?

As with most things in life prevention is better than the cure and Safety Media has a range of over 50 courses across a variety of platforms to meet every need you may have in the workplace.    

Traditionally Safety Media has provided training in the form of DVDs, Posters, Assessment Forms and Booklets and of course we still provide these solutions as part of our library.  The main focus however, not only in Safety Media but also across the board in the world of training, is e-Learning and technology focused solutions.  This new approach to training allows you to provide competency and compliance evidence which more traditional methods may lack.  There is full record keeping and a comprehensive audit trail available on each of the Safety Media e-Learning solutions.  As an administrator you would have complete access to over 50 training titles which can be allocated on a needs basis to your staff as you see fit.  All of our courses are CPD certified and the majority are RoSPA accredited with more on the way. You will receive emails to tell you who has completed their training as well as who is overdue and each course comes with a fully editable risk checklist so you can take any required measures deemed necessary to minimise risks in your workplace.

What next?

If you would like to set up a trial account so you can take a look around the system and courses either guided by one of our consultants or in your own time you can just give us a call on 0845 345 1703 and we will get you set up in minutes.    Quote CPDme when you call and benefit from taking a look at our specialist courses too.  

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Established in 1995, Safety Media Limited is a World Class provider of Health & Safety training solutions including courses on Fire Safety, Computer Safety, Risk Assessment, Induction Safety, Stress, and Driving Safely.   With revolutionary E-Learning packages to suit all budgets and Safety Media's buy 2 get 1 free deal on each range of DVDs we are confident that you can meet your health & safety requirements in the most cost effective way possible all under one roof.

Safety Media’s E-Learning system and courses has been a finalist in the 2009 and 2012 E-Learning Awards.  The system features over 50 flash interactive and video based Health & Safety training courses in an ever evolving library of titles.  There are currently over 450 companies using E-Learning from Safety Media ranging from blue chip organisations, to universities and colleges.

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