'Transforming Medical Education for the 21st Century: Megatrends, Priorities and Change'

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'Transforming Medical Education for the 21st Century: Megatrends, Priorities and Change' by George R. Lueddeke

The link to purchase this book from Radcliffe Books is: http://goo.gl/dTHpT

Reviews of this book:

UK Royal College of General Practitioners:


The book certainly raises awareness about the growing importance of public and global health, primary health care and the need for greater collaboration among the developed and the developing worlds. 

Here is a review of the book by Peter Sharp, CEO at the UK Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI), that now appears on The Lancet Commission home page: 



“Speaking for myself who has worked in various contexts – healthcare institutions, rural villages, government bureaucracies –with the goal of improving the health of people, this book allows me to look back at my experiences with new eyes and enables me to look at future challenges with imagination and new inspiration.” 

Dr Manuel M Dayrit, Director, Department of Human Resources for Health, World Health Organisation (previously Minister of Health for The Philippines)


"This book could be transformative and a turning point in medical education specifically and healthcare education generally. It is a step in the right direction and should be required reading for educators, students/trainees and managers in medicine, nursing, public health and other health/social care professions. It is a driver and facilitator in advancing progress in interprofessional education."

Professor Afaf I. Meleis, Margaret Bond Simon Dean of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, United States 


"Undoubtedly, the book will challenge many to rethink healthcare, health systems and health/medical education in a global context that is changing with unprecedented speed and scope."

Dr Catherine Michaud, Consultant, The China Medical Board, Boston, Massachusetts, United States


"Global developments set the scene for the radical changes in the education and training of health professionals. Ultimately, it is transformation in how health professionals work, and most fundamental of all, in how they think and how they understand the world that will lead to improvements in health and healthcare."

Lord Nigel Crisp, House of Lords, London, United Kingdom 


" I LOVE IT. This book is amazing and your input is excellent, brilliant and smashing - it is lived and real leadership !!!! Congratulations."

Professor Dr. med. Björn Brücher, Professor of Surgery, Medical Director Peritoneal Surface Malignancies Center of Excellence & Chief, Division of Cancer Research, BSNCI Bon Secours National Cancer Institute, United States; Founder of the Theodor-Billroth-Academy® University of Tübingen, Germany


"This book will be of interest to all because it offers more than just a discussion of changes in the education of health professionals; it offers suggestions to real enabling actions."

Professor Patricia J Garcia, Dean, School of Public Health and Administration, Universidad Peruna Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru


"I've read your book, thoroughly enjoyed it, and have now shared it with others. Thanks for this terrific synthesis and contribution to the field.

Dr Joseph Kolars, M.D. Senior Associate Dean for Education and Global Initiatives at the University of Michigan Medical School. http://www.med.umich.edu/medschool/dean/deans/kolars.htm


"I continue to use your book which is excellent....and seminars here would be a good idea."

Professor Geoff McColl, Consultant Rheumatologist, deputy dean of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, and director of Melbourne University's Medical Education Unit, Melbourne, Australia


"I like your book...lots of innovative thinking" (to be translated into Polish) "... recommended to members of the European Public Health Future Research Working Group (Director General Research of the European Commission)

Dr Miroslaw J. Wysocki, Director General, National institute of Public Health - NIH, Warsaw, Poland


"I have gone through your book and find it very informative as it provides a comprehensive analysis of health/social care issues facing the developed and developing worlds and highlights the need for strengthening medical/healthcare education and training - coping with emerging needs and global developments. I am optimistic that this manuscript will pioneer a new thought process and will be useful in scaling up human resources for health and increasing their productivity in line with the Global Health Workforce Alliance strategy for 2013-2016: 'advancing the health workforce agenda within universal coverage."

Dr Muhammad Mahmood Afzal, Head of Country Facilitation Team, Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA), Geneva, Switzerland


"I have indeed read your new book and recommended it to a number of AMA colleagues. It is an excellent summary of the state of medical/health care education today and issues for the future....I am a fan of your work and it has influenced my thinking as we put this program together.

(The AMA 'have just announced an RFP for $10M to fund 8-10 schools for bold, innovative projects'. (www.changemeded.org)

Susan E. Skochelak MD, MPH

Vice President, Medical Education

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