Documenting and using Social Media to motivate your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Health and Social Care

11 Dec 2013 6:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Social Media in the contemporary CPD climate.
Using Social Media to motivate your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Social Media in the contemporary CPD climate.

Health Professionals need to align with evidence-based practice as well as meet the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements of our various professional registration boards and practice requirements. Recently there has been rapid growth in the technologies used to provide CPD. HP’s have found themselves in a position where they need to overcome barriers and embrace social media as a vessel for providing relevant, effective, accessible and cost-efficient learning opportunities.

This poster was developed for the Occupational Therapy Australia National Conference 2013 and was aimed at demonstrating how social media (specifically Facebook, Twitter and blogs) provides a mechanism for CPD. It also looked at methods of recording your CPD that may have been previously foreign concepts.


OT’s internationally are using OT4OT (online technology for occupational therapists) and sister 4OT Facebook pages to share experiences, ask questions, offer resources, and brainstorm ideas and solutions. Facebook groups such as MH4OT (a group for Mental Health OT’s) have now branched out to other professions such as Social Work (MH4SW) and Nursing (MH4RN) and there are many other groups available for every health and social care profession that offer the same opportunities being embraced by OT’s.

Twitter as a CPD tool is experiencing rapid growth. From live tweeting at conferences to monthly CPD “tweet chats,” the discussions and resources shared among health and social care professionals over twitter are building it up to be an extremely valuable, yet easily accessible, tool to utilise for your continued professional development. 

Networked blogs are becoming more common as a readily accessible repository of shared experiences, resources and knowledge. They also provide a perfect platform for clinicians to collate their reflections on all kinds of learning experiences including those had on social media. This reflective practice can be used as evidence of learning for your CPD records. Social media enables practitioners to effectively fulfil a large portion of the CPD required for professional registration.

As technology advances and Health Professional’s become more time poor they will increasingly be seeking new ways to meet CPD requirements. Our poster provides examples of social media usage to illustrate the range of CPD opportunities available and how these social media tools can be collected and recorded into a comprehensive CPD record to meet your professional requirements.

Brock Cook

Occupational Therapist

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Credits to: Merrolee Penman - Anita Hamilton - Leonora Coolhaas - Trina Phuah - Allison Sullivan

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