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Helen Victoria Prout

38 Francis Close, Ditton, Widnes, North West WA8 8SU

Home: 0151 510 2139 Mobile: 07527829527

About me:

I am a confident and practical woman who likes to work in environments that are challenging, changing and rewarding. I have the communication skills needed to work in jobs involving contact with a variety of people on a daily bases. Team work is how I work best but I also contain the characteristics enabling me to work as an individual, taking the lead and commanding the situation when required. Patience, open-mindedness, tolerance, empathy, sympathy, focus and initiative are a few more of the characteristics I contain. I believe in making the most of every experience.   


  • ·         Basic level at using computers
  • ·         Organised
  • ·         Working as a team or individual
  • ·         Problem Solving
  • ·         Practical - hands on
  • ·         Communication

Employment History:

Employer:North West Ambulance Service

Location:Warrington Ambulance Station, Merseyside and Cheshire, North West

Employment date:April 2013 – Ongoing

Job Title:Paramedic

As a paramedic my job is to deliver the right care/treatment at the right time using all resources and services available to me. The main aspect of my job is to deliver immediate care and treatment to medical and life-threating injuries and illnesses. Although the ambulance service has the persona of only dealing/attending such jobs, as a paramedic my job has expanded to being more than just that. A paramedic is now a combination of more than one job; we are midwives, social workers/carers, GP’s, mental health nurses, paediatricians and even teachers. Therefore my role also includes referring patients to the correct service e.g GP’s as not to take anyone unsuitable to A&E when they can be treated in the comfort of their own home and not take up a bed that could be given to someone who requires it more. I’m a teacher; I educate the public on self-care, resources e.g. pharmacists, walk-in-centres, 111, on medication and how and when to take it and on general information about the human body. Another aspect of the job, which surprisingly is one of the largest aspects, is the social worker. A large number of our 999 calls are to the elderly who have fallen, are generally unwell or simply can’t cope; my job as a paramedic is not only to pick these patients up, transport them to the hospital or ignore their true needs but to go further in my job and help with prevention as well as cure. I can help and put referrals such as falls referral and social service referrals in for the elderly to help them in the long run to hopefully end the end for ambulance due to falling or being left all alone to cope.  Alongside the particular, hands on part of the job there other such aspects which also require time and attention e.g. drugs check (including use by dates), equipment checks and vehicle checks. As well as that there is also an importance of a paramedic to continue their job as a developing student of education and research. To keep all skills, information and protocols up to date and renewed.              

Employer:Tread the Bored Theatre Company

Location: Stratford-upon-Avon

Employment dates:June 2009 – on going (as and when I can return to the midlands)

Job Title: Volunteer

  • ·         Back Stage Manager
  • ·         Lighting/ music Technician
  • ·         Box office/ ticket seller

Tread the Bored is a relatively new, semi-professional theatre company formed to give people, actors and people of other interests for example lighting, back stage manager etc a chance to learn, grow and perform.

Back stage manager– prepare/ set up sets and props before and after show, changing scenery during performance, co-ordinating backstage crew.

Lighting and music Technician– setting up lights and music, working to strict timings, problem solving

Box office/ ticket seller -handling money, selling tickets, keeping records, speaking and interacting with the public, providing information on the productions or any questions asked.


                  11 GCSE’s all at grades A-C including Maths, English and Science - 2007

                   P.E AS level at a grade C - 2008

                    Drama A level at grade C - 2009

                    BTEC Sports at Distinction, Distinction, Distinction - 2009

                   Paramedic Science Foundation Degree from Coventry University – 2012

Interests and hobbies:

  • ·         Sports – I enjoy playing all sports; in particular badminton but I’m more than happy to participate in any. I’m also a keen supporter of my home town Coventry’s Rugby Union team and watch them whenever I can. I find it all a great way to make friends, keep sociable and continue to build of communication skills.
  • ·         Music – I use music as a motivator but I also use it to ‘switch off’. I very much like a wide spread of music.

  • ·         Theatre – As scared as I am on stage, which I don’t really do, I love the many different tasks available to do behind the scenes. Endless changing tasks for example the different sets, props, costumes for each play, and the changes of choreography for the change of scenes. There are also plenty of opportunities to learn new skills e.g. setting of the lightening, directing or producing.  

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