Take a Peek at the NEW CPD Portfolio Builder Dashboard and its NEW Features

23 Jan 2017 12:29 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

NEW CPDme Dashboard Features

As you may know CPDme is a not for profit social enterprise and we are constantly looking to make things easier and better for our users. We even id some research with Salford University and took onboard their feedback and input.

6 months previous, we did some research with 50 users on their experience with CPDme, user problems, featured present, features desired and we have come up with a simple easy to use dashboard that we hope people will love (or hate) Here's a rundown of some of the new features!

1) Personal Profile - The core of your governing requirements HCPC boxes / NMC Sections / Or Personalisable. These will also have pop up guides for each section and also a word counter.

2) Create my CPD Activity Log - Different Infographical Reports on your CPD Submissions (like skills log)

3) Create my CPD Portfolio - A New Interactive CPD Portfolio Building (search for tags and other great features)

4) CPD Diary Entries - All your CPD entries and auto archive. You can also search for titles and dates here.

5) View Shared CPD Log - Log of shared CPD from other users and FOAM opportunities, you can save to your Stored CPD Evidence Folder with a reminder. You get rewarded for sharing valued CPD.

6) Print CV - Formal a perfectly formed CV from your profile, diary entries and reflective practice. 

7) Reflective Practice - Manage all your reflections and send a copy if needed to your seniors (when its gone wrong at work!) Also create your own personalised Reflective Model that you prefer to use.

8) CPD Webinars - List of all the upcoming live webinars and recordings. One Click Register - After the recordings, you can use these as evidence of CPD too.

9) Stored CPD Evidence - Here is a quick CPD Dump of all your evidence, voice recordings from the new app, video testimonials with tags, ready to turn them into CPD or Reflective entries. It will take you 15 secons via the new app to capture evidence and upload this to your CPD Storage for managing later. The app will also remind you if you forget to do something with the evidence.

10) MY CPD Calendar - A digital searchable calendar that you can see all your CPD within, but also plan stuff for the future and invite friends to consider attending. The Calendar will also remind you via the app and smart watches to document your study and forward planned events. This will integrate with your own personal calendar.

11) SETTINGS - Consider integrating the clinical skills log reports (premium members only) - Unlock CPD like the Trauma Care Recordings - REELdx - Health Care Videos

New Dashboard Integration - Expected April 2016

New CPDme Mobile Apps - Expected May/June 2016

CPDme are dedicated to supporting our users, but recruiting new users to support our enterprise is important. Please help support and promote CPDme to your friends, colleagues or work buddies.

Thank you for your support.

Philip and the Team


  • 13 Apr 2017 8:01 PM | Anonymous member
    Hi, any news on when the new dashboard might be implemented? As paramedics are being audited in September 2017 it would be great to have this up and running.
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