CPDme iOS Mobile App Launch - The 7 Day Countdown Begins

15 Apr 2018 11:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Launching our new iOS app 

The 7 Day Countdown - Great New Features

To share with you some of the new great new app features and functionality, we are sending out a special countdown newsletter. Within the newsletter we cover a main app feature each day until we launch the app on Monday 16th April. Don't worry if you miss one of our newsletter editions as we will be sharing the main features via this blog post on a daily basis. 

Day 1 (7 days to go...) - The Dashboard

When you first log into the app, you will be taken to the Dashboard page. The page provides you with a great visual summary of your CPD stats including CPD hours logged and number of CPD entries. 

Simply tap the top blue stats bar to customise your summary of CPD hours by month, year or lifetime!

Below the blue CPD figures bar, a useful graph demonstrates your CPD entry trend for the past 12 months.

You can also view and book onto upcoming CPD webinars. Simply swipe through the list, click to view a description of the webinar and select “Register”.

Day 2 (6 days to go...) - CPD Entries Page

The entries page provides with access to view, edit and delete all of your diary and reflective entries in one place. It's a great page to run through all of your CPD and to check the status of your entries.

To the left of each entry, a traffic light colour system indicates the status of each entry. Green will indicate a complete entry whilst an amber or red status indicates further information is required.

You can also easily see whether your entry is a diary or reflective account as well as the date of activity/event logged. 

Tap any entry to preview it or simply swipe left on an entry to view, edit and delete. 

Day 3 (5 days to go...) - Add Diary Entry

The diary entry page will guide you step-by-step in completing your entry, providing you with guidance in completing each field to help you along the way. Simply tap the “?” button to view the pop-up guidance. 

The page has the added ability to save an entry part way through completion, allowing you to come back to it later if required. This is particularly handy for those that are on the go! This will flag up with either an amber or red status on your CPD entries page to remind you that more information is needed.

Why not use voice dictation to explain how the activity has benefited you? Just press the microphone button on the bottom right of your iOS device and hey presto, your spoken words will appear in the field. Otherwise, you can always type directly into the field. We have also embedded a useful word count feature here.

Attaching multiple evidence items is now easier than ever from your phone. Adding files, images and voice recordings to your entry if required.

Day 4 (4 days to go...) - Add Reflective Entry

The reflective entry page will guide you step-by-step in completing an entry depending on the reflective model that you have selected. Useful guidance points help you to complete your reflective account from beginning to end, asking you questions that will help you to fill in a particular section as best as possible.

You have a choice of up to three great reflective models, suitable for a range of different reflective accounts. This means you will be able to select an appropriate model that best meets your needs. The three models are the Gibbs, CRASHED and Johns reflective models. 

You can still take advantage of the voice dictation feature in completing your reflection. Simply press the microphone button on the bottom right of your iOS device and your spoken words will appear in the field. 

The reflective entries page is a premium feature. Therefore if you are an existing premium member of CPDme or if you have previously paid in the app to unlock this feature, you will be able to access this.

Day 5 (3 days to go...) - Video Libraries

Within the app you can access a range of high quality video content, which is a great way to develop your knowledge and skills whilst on the go. The video libraries covers a range of topics including health and social care, human factors, leadership and much more. 

The library includes free and premium video content so that all members can benefit from this feature. Useful guidance videos are available to all our members in completing their CPD portfolio. Premium members can access all video topics as well as certified recorded webinars. 

Missed some of our past webinars? Don’t worry, you can find this in our video library to watch at your convenience. All of our webinars are presented by experts in their profession who are passionate about the topic of discussion. 

We always add new content to our library that will be of benefit to you as a member, so keep a look out.

Day 6 (2 days to go...) - Account Profile

The account page is a great new addition to the app, providing you with the ability to update your details as well as being able to add a photo of yourself to personalise your profile. 

You can now create your portfolio directly from the app, pulling together all of your diary and reflective entries into a single e-document. Simply complete the date range you wish your portfolio to cover and hey presto, your e-portfolio is produced. 

Viewing your dashboard can also be completed directly from the app, providing you with a summary of your entries as well as some useful infographics that demonstrate your CPD activity trends. 

The video libraries mentioned as part of yesterday’s newsletter can also be accessed via your profile, selecting the relevant video content that will support your professional development. 

Day 7 (1 days to go...) - Help and Support

Help and support is available at your fingertips with the new iOS app, with guidance available in a number of difference formats to suit your preference as well as support through our contact centre.

From you dashboard page, there is a “?” to the top left of the screen. Clicking on this option will provide you with the ability to select our FAQs page or our contact centre. 

Our FAQs page is split into 6 sections, covering the main areas of the app as well as a full user guide. Each area will provide you with answers to common questions including “how do I add a new diary entry” and “how to a contact support”. 

If the answer you are looking for isn’t within our FAQs, don’t worry. You can simply message our contact centre to receive advice and support on all aspects of CPDme at any time. Some one from our support team will be assigned to help you.

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