OmniGlow® StyLite™

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OmniGlow® StyLite™

The OmniGlow® StyLite™ Illuminated Intubating Stylet by OMNIGLOW, LLC is a light-guided stylet that is both sterile and disposable. A light-guided stylet can be a beneficial instrument for endotracheal intubations¹ and has a reported success rate as high as 99% when used by experienced practitioners.²

Because a light-guided stylet enables illumination of the soft tissues in the neck, it is useful for patients with a difficult or bloody airway, scarring, trauma, or in environments with limited ambient light.³

The StyLites are a very innovative concept of bringing the old intubation stylets into 2011 while keeping them cost effective. We believe this product has the possibility of a very bright future. A little back ground. I have been working EMS at the ALS level now for over 20 years. Intubation is not always the easiest skill to perform and I saw areas where improvements were needed. A recent outburst of esophageal tubes placed pre-hospital have also been erupting and threats to remove this crucial skill have been spoken of. I am very passionate about keeping this utterly important skill in the prehospital providers hands with the intention of making Intubation more simple. I brought my ideas to the company Omniglow and together we partnered to make it happen. We are very excited for the chance of saving many lives through the use of our product globally. The product has Patents applied for in mostly all countries as well as its trade marks.

The StyLite TM is a self illuminating intubation stylet that has its own unique light source at its distal tip. A specially patented formula of chemiluminescence that once snapped it has a high frequency light burst for approximately 3 minutes when only seconds are usually needed. As you continue to advance the et tube with the StyLite activated, the closer you get to the vocal cords the brighter they glow until you are at the cords. The natural phosphorus we have in our vocal cords reacts with the light and creates a lit path for the trachea similar to a plane landing at night. It literally takes the guess work out of finding your trachea and allows a rapid patent airway. Added benefits to the StyLite are not having to use a laryngoscope to intubate as they are their own unique light source. The old "blind" intubation will be a thing of the past with this product as Now for the first time you will be able to SEE a digital intubation pass through the cords into the trachea. I am in the process of also developing a new concept of a thumb blade to be used with the StyLites for digital intubations.

YouTube video of the StyLite TM

Pat Ramos

OmniGlow, LLC
865 Memorial Ave., Unit 4
West Springfield, MA 01089

¹ Davis, L.; Cook-Sather, S.D.; Schreiner, M.S. Lighted stylet tracheal intubation: a review. Anesthesia & Analgesia. 2000; 90:745-56.

² ³ Hung, O.R.; Pytka, S.; Morris, I.; Murphy, M.; Launcelott, G.; Stevens, S.; MacKay, W.; Stewart, R.D. Clinical trial of a new lightwand device (Trachlight) to intubate the trachea. Anesthesiology. 1995 Sep; 83 (3): 509-14.


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