Is submitting information to CPDme Safe ?

14 Sep 2011 7:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
 Are CPDme Submissions Safe ?

Encryption in CPDme Form

All CPDme forms contain Encrypted data that can only be read by a machine with a specific key and password that we keep hidden and protected, so if the data were to be compromised it could not be read in any way or form. That sounds great, so why don’t we encrypt the whole site? Well, it isn’t quite feasible to do so, due to the resources involved, so we protect the most valuable bits.

We have Backups of our Backups

Disasters happen, so being prepared for them is critical for CPDme data collection. You can rest easy when you store your data with CPDme, because we are consistently replicating (backing up in real time) your data from our site to another server. Additionally, we take 2 snapshots of your data every 24 hours and store them on a secure server for two weeks. Once the two weeks have finished, we move that data to a physical tape backup. The tape backup is then transferred to an offsite location in locked, water and impact resistant containers by screened employees requiring verification upon delivery.

Just as we have backups of your data, we also have lots of redundancy across our core infrastructure. Paired database, web, file, load balancing and firewall servers sit next to each other in separate cabinets with separate power supplies. This level of redundancy helps us and you prepare for those worst case scenarios like lost certificates or copies of C.V's.

I personally use CPDme to manage my own portfolio so please be assured I do trust the technology and its reliability.

I hope this answers any questions you have about Security. You could also visit our Data Management Policies for more information. Click Here to view our Policies.

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