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  • 07 Oct 2011 4:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
        Website New 

    After the CPDme Core Management meeting yesterday. It was decided to integrate some new features ready for the Nursing Launch on the 21st October 2011 ( The first 50 members get a discounted rate of £10 for the first year. The launch will coincide with 5 New Features of the website.

    1) A Change to renewing membership after 1st Year
    2) Graphs on Diary Report displaying HPC Standards
    3) SELLme SWAPme Book Shop Launch
    4) CPDme CV Template Page
    5) New Testimonial Page with updated Testimonials

    These are a few changes that are planned for the month of October. After the Nursing & Midwifery site has launched, we have more exciting features launched before Christmas. For more information, sign up to our newsletter today.
  • 04 Oct 2011 6:24 PM | Anonymous

    Rewarding Friendship with Free Membership 

    CPDme have created individual codes for all our members.
    These codes mean that our members can offer their friends/colleagues 5% off all CPDme membership levels if they input their code when signing up. Not only this but CPDme are offering our members the chance to earn free membership!
    If you are a member and you refer 3 people to CPDme during 1 membership period, CPDme will renew your next 12 months for FREE!

    Here's how your code works:

    All codes are 5 digits long. They consist of the member's first and last name initials, followed by the last 3 digits of their membership number.

    Member Name (1234567) = MN567

    If you have any questions please get in touch at

    The CPDme Team

  • 29 Sep 2011 11:02 PM | Anonymous member

    First Aid Tips: 

    Handing over to an 

    ambulance crew

    By Harry Decker (First Aid Weekly)

    Often one of the most daunting prospects for any first aider is handing over care of a patient to an ambulance crew, or other healthcare provider. It is something which is often under taught, if taught at all on first aid courses, leaving the first aider apprehensive about handing over.

    When on scene, you should if possible gain a SAMPLE history – signs and symptoms, allergies, medications, previous medical history, last meal, and event leading up to injury. Note this information on a piece of paper, and ensure it is given to the ambulance crew when they arrive. As well as this, a verbal handover is essential. For this, I would recommend the mnemonic CHAT. This stands for – chief complaint and any observations, history, allergies, and treatment given.

    For example, a patient having a query MI (myocardial infarction) could be handed over like so –
    “Hi, this is Bob, 55 years of age, presenting with central crushing chest pain radiating down the left arm and to the jaw, following moderate exercise. Pulse is 96 and weak, respiratory rate is 30, he has been alert throughout. He suffers from type one tablet controlled diabetes, has no known allergies, and is on xyz medication for the diabetes. He chewed a 300mg aspirin tablet five minutes ago. Let me know if I can do any more to help.”

    This is concise and to the point – handovers should not take very long, and should only contain information believed to be relevant to patient care.

    There are obviously going to be times where a handover like that is not possible – if the casualty is unconscious and you have no clue what is wrong with them, or you have had no time to gather any information because you have been providing emergency aid – e.g. control of major bleeding, or CPR. In these instances, all you can do is briefly tell the ambulance crew what you know. If you have been performing CPR, let the ambulance crew know how long for, and whether the patient was in cardiac arrest when you arrived or not, and if an AED was used, how many shocks were delivered.

    To reinforce, the most important parts of giving a handover are to remain calm and methodical, and to deliver the handover in a concise, direct manner. This ensures vital information is transferred from first aider to healthcare professional.


    As always we ask that you mention CPDme when contacting any of the organisations mentioned on our website so that we know we are providing useful information for you.

  • 27 Sep 2011 8:09 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

          CPDme Launch New Social Media Avatar

    CPDme believe quality social media marketing is all about building relationships with individuals, businesses and associate professions. Choosing an avatar (a picture or graphic) to represent you in any online community is one of the most important aspects of creating a professional online profile.

    Your avatar (Picture) is the image people have in their minds as they communicate with you on social media. If you choose an image that's unfriendly, or provokes negative feelings, you're working against yourself and can often make the impression that will last throughout your relationship. The avatar is what attracts people to read your post, assuring the reader that the content of the post if that of your company.

    The reason CPDme have created the new avatar is that embedded in the avatar is html coding that will be searched by google and other search engines. The other reason is that the colours have been simplified in order to maintain the brand standard that CPDme portray.

    Check out our Social Media Channels at:




  • 23 Sep 2011 1:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    50% Off Advertising Costs    

    CPDme are offering you the chance to have your course or conference advertised on our Website, Social Media & Newsletter for HALF PRICE. This will allow you an advert listed on our course page and GUARANTEED GOOGLE Submission for less than £25. Click Here for Details

    Check our advert page for more details or contact Daniel to discuss this great offer. This offer will end on the 10th October at 1pm GMT.

  • 14 Sep 2011 7:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
     Are CPDme Submissions Safe ?

    Encryption in CPDme Form

    All CPDme forms contain Encrypted data that can only be read by a machine with a specific key and password that we keep hidden and protected, so if the data were to be compromised it could not be read in any way or form. That sounds great, so why don’t we encrypt the whole site? Well, it isn’t quite feasible to do so, due to the resources involved, so we protect the most valuable bits.

    We have Backups of our Backups

    Disasters happen, so being prepared for them is critical for CPDme data collection. You can rest easy when you store your data with CPDme, because we are consistently replicating (backing up in real time) your data from our site to another server. Additionally, we take 2 snapshots of your data every 24 hours and store them on a secure server for two weeks. Once the two weeks have finished, we move that data to a physical tape backup. The tape backup is then transferred to an offsite location in locked, water and impact resistant containers by screened employees requiring verification upon delivery.

    Just as we have backups of your data, we also have lots of redundancy across our core infrastructure. Paired database, web, file, load balancing and firewall servers sit next to each other in separate cabinets with separate power supplies. This level of redundancy helps us and you prepare for those worst case scenarios like lost certificates or copies of C.V's.

    I personally use CPDme to manage my own portfolio so please be assured I do trust the technology and its reliability.

    I hope this answers any questions you have about Security. You could also visit our Data Management Policies for more information. Click Here to view our Policies.

  • 04 Sep 2011 5:19 PM | Anonymous member

    Membership for Life

    CPDme would like you to benefit from our increasing success as providers of our professional online CPD portfolio service.

    For introducing 3 new members to 
    CPDme during a calendar year we will give you FREE membership for your following 12 month membership period.

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  • 28 Aug 2011 3:25 PM | Anonymous
    Do you have books that you no longer use for your CPD or Study ?

    CPDme are currently working on a FREE webpage where Health & Social care professionals can swap, share and sell books that are no longer needed. This will be the first of its kind that concentrates specifically on the Health & Social Care Professions. The Development team at CPDme came up with the idea after they decided themselves they had over 100 books that were no longer needed. 

    Andrew from our Paramedic Team said "this would be a great opportunity for other professionals and students alike to share, swap and sell books that were no longer needed". Andrew himself admitted that he stores a hugh collection of books including Anatomy & Physiology, Paramedic Practice and other Essential Reads. Watch our BLOG for more details or sign up-to our Newsletter to hear about the Book SELLme SWAPme Launch.

    We estimate the Webpage will be ready in October 2011.

    CLICK HERE to sign up to our Newsletter today.

  • 26 Aug 2011 4:26 PM | Anonymous member

    Meet the CPDme Team


    Come and meet the CPDme Team, we will be attending several conferences and exhibitions this year including the Emergency Services Show 2011 on Stand E36.


    If you are visiting the East Lancashire area call or email us and we will be pleased to meet with you at our offices in Burnley if a member of the team is available.


    The CPDme Team



    Harley Scott House

    Liverpool Road



    BB4 4LX


    0161 408 1917


  • 25 Aug 2011 1:36 AM | Anonymous member




    Dear Member,

    Here at CPDme, we are committed to providing you with the best quality service we can in order to make it simpler and quicker for you to create and maintain your CPD portfolio. Hopefully we have been doing a good job so far but we do not want to be looking at our service through rose tinted glasses. Therefore, we have created a very short 5 minute survey with the aim of improving our service for all CPDme members. The survey can be completed on your computer, laptop or smart phone. Your personal information will not be shared with any 3rd parties, CPDme Privacy Policy.

    If you complete the form we will give you an extra free month membership onto the end of your current membership, as well as entering you into a prize draw to win a free stylish flip camcorder. The winner will be announced in the December edition of the CPDme Newsletter, and would make an ideal gift in time for Christmas.

    If you feel we have provided you with an excellent, poor and even average service, we want to hear your opinions so we can improve as aspects of the service.

    Please complete the Member Satisfaction Survey.

    Thank you,

    CPDme Team.

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