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  • 31 May 2011 7:36 AM | Anonymous

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  • 23 May 2011 8:45 PM | Anonymous member

    The Science of Improvement

    Healthcare is all about improvement – improving the health of each and every patient we meet – effectively and efficiently. That is what we are trained to do as healthcare professionals.

    Continued professional development is about improving our practice of care – ensuring that we are using the best evidence and the best technology available. That is what we are required to do as healthcare professionals.

    Improving healthcare is also about improving the process of care – ensuring that the right things can happen at the right place, the right time, on time, first time and every time. That is what we should do but we are neither trained nor expected to know how. This is why many of our processes feel "unhealthy" and why they cause frustration and delays.

    Improving the "health" of a process is very similar to improving the health of a patient: First we need to spot the symptoms and signs, then we establish a "diagnosis", then we select the best treatment, make a prognosis, administer the intervention, and monitor for improvement. To do that effectively and efficiently we need the right training and the right tools.

    • BaseLine© is a tool for helping us to diagnose and treat any and every sick process.
    • BaseLine© converts measurements from a process into a picture that guides us to the diagnosis.
    • BaseLine©helps us choose the most effective and efficient treatment.
    • BaseLine© helps us monitor for signs of improvement.
    • BaseLine© alerts us if our improved process starts to deteriorate – before it is too late.

    This is a BaseLine© process performance chart – the acceptable range of performance is given by the blue lines and the measured performance by the dots. After ten measurements the process behaviour is observed to be predictable within limits – the red lines. This finding is then used to predict expected future performance and to set the alert limits – the black lines. The chart then shows that something changed from point 11 onwards – the dots fall outside the alert limits – even though they are still within the acceptable range. This shows BaseLine © in early warning system mode - it alerts us to and points when and where to investigate and to ask "what happened here and then?"

    To learn more about how to improve the health of your healthcare processes


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  • 23 May 2011 7:06 PM | Anonymous

    Emergency Medical Care
    The 999 System

    When should I use 999?

    999 is the free, 24 hour number to call for emergency help of any sort. When you get through to the operator they’ll ask if you need police, fire or ambulance services. Then, if you say ambulance, they’ll take details of why you need help. Click to go to the BBC Website for more information

  • 03 May 2011 2:26 PM | Anonymous member

    Around the world, governments and health care providers are giving patients copies of their medical records. At the same time, amazing new web sites are allowing patients to understand these records and to network with other patients who have the same conditions. This is the personal health records revolution, and it is transforming how medical care is delivered.

    However, it means changes for clinicians, and poses challenges in workflow, technology and funding. This book was written for clinicians to understand these challenges and make use of the opportunities for working with their patients.

    The author of the book, Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, MD, trained as a physician and programmer at Cambridge, England, and worked as a Staff Scientist at the National Institutes of Health in the USA. He continues his research into personal health records at UCL Medical School and founded the company Patients Know Best to give patients control over their medical records.
    Note from CPDme Editor:

    Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, CEO and Founder of Patients Know Best has kindly offered to give CPDme a copy of one of his books entitled Personal health records: a guide for clinicians plus a 1-hour training session in which Dr. Al-Ubaydli will help the winner with this topic.  Please read the next edition of the CPDme newsletter for details of the competition in which we will give away this fantastic book and training session to a lucky winner.


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  • 02 May 2011 2:52 PM | Anonymous member

    CBRNE-Terrorism Newsletter
    We aim high because we care!

    "CBRNE-Terrorism Newsletter" is an on-line publication and site aiming to support First Responders in the fields of CBRNE defense and counter-terrorism (CT). The Newsletter is quarterly and provided free of charge in .pdf format. In the "Archives" section, latest issue (Spring-2011) and past issues (2005-2010) are available to download. In support of the Newsletter, website provides information on various CBRNE-CT issues that will help First Responders to cope with their daily complex duties and responsibilities. All links in the main menu are freely accessible with the exception of "666-Kit" that is password protected due to its content. For those interested, an e-mail request to the Editor would provide the necessary codes for easy access to this link. If you find both the Newsletter and the hosting website interested and useful, please feel free to pass the word to colleagues in your network.

    CLICK HERE to read the full Article

    BG(ret'd) John Galatas, MD, MA(Terr), MC(Army)


    As always we ask that you mention CPDme when contacting any of the organisations mentioned on our website so that we know we are providing useful information for you.

  • 25 Apr 2011 9:26 PM | Anonymous member


    SignTranslate, a subsidiary of SignHealth, the national healthcare charity for Deaf people based in Baring Road, Beaconsfield has been chosen to receive a BT sponsored award for the most innovative product through a competition dedicated to highlighting and rewarding the bright ideas of information and communications technology professionals in UK healthcare. The e-Health Insider award was presented in recognition of the charity’s ground breaking translation program aimed at improving communications for Deaf people in Hospitals.


    Shocking evidence that profoundly Deaf patients struggle to communicate when they’re face to face with health professionals spurred SignHealth in 2006 to launch a new webbased program, SignTranslate, initially aimed at GP surgeries. The program has now been extended to be used in Hospitals.


    The program translates over 500 medical questions into British Sign Language (BSL) using short video clips – offering a quick and easy way to improve communication during a hospital or GP visit. It means that the Deaf person can attend appointments on their own without the need to involve a family member or friend and thus retain their privacy and dignity.


    SignTranslate is in use in many GP practices and one user reports that “I can now go and see my GP without my 9 year old daughter having to translate for me. I feel so much more able to have a frank discussion”.


    Phil Murden, Managing Director of SignTranslate, said: “With only 400 fully qualified interpreters to support approximately 70,000 Deaf people who use BSL as their first language, it is virtually impossible to find an interpreter at short notice. For too long Deaf people have needed to call upon relatives (including their children) or friends to help them communicate. And they are doing this at a most stressful time, when either unwell, in pain or receiving bad news”.


    In addition to the translation of pre-defined questions, the SignTranslate program allows on-line access to “live” fully qualified BSL interpreters. Via a web-cam, a Deaf patient can enjoy a fully interactive discussion with a clinician through the remote interpreter.  The SignTranslate Hospital program’s questions specialise in audiology, maternity, ward care, A & E and major incidents and have been developed with advice from some of the country’s leading hospitals.


    SignHealth Chief Executive Steve Powell said today “We are extremely proud of our SignTranslate team in gaining this award. Doctors are telling us good communication is critical in a healthcare setting but interpreting support can be difficult to find. We hope SignTranslate Hospital will be an effective communication tool for short notice, unsupported appointments.”


    The SignTranslate GP program is currently free of charge until 31st July to GP practices in England. SignHealth hope that all Deaf people will continue to ask their GP for SignTranslate to be available in their surgery.


    As well as BSL, the program provides spoken and written translations for 12 foreign languages. It is the only internet based translation tool of its kind in the UK. Visit to see a demonstration of the program.





    For further information, contact

    Lauren Besant, SignTranslate   01494 687630 :

    or Rowena Dean at SignHealth 01494 687600  :




    5 Baring Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 2NB

    | Voice: 01494 687600 | Minicom: 01494 687626 | Fax: 01494 687622 | - -

    SignHealth is the Healthcare Charity for Deaf People. We are committed to bringing better healthcare

    and equality of service provision to deaf people through campaigning, working in partnership

    with other organisations and the provision of specialist services for deaf people. These include

    Health Promotion, counselling, advocacy, outreach and supported living.



    As always we ask that you mention CPDme when contacting any of the organisations mentioned on our website so that we know we are providing useful information for you.

  • 25 Apr 2011 12:59 PM | Anonymous

    Ambulance service urges 999 restraint over holidays

    People are being urged not to call 999 unless it is a real emergency over the Easter bank holidays.

    The North West Ambulance Service said last Easter it received a significant increase in calls, but many were for minor injuries or illnesses. It said the ambulance should be used as a life-line in genuine emergencies and kept for those who need it most.

    Read More

    BBC NEWS 2011

  • 22 Apr 2011 3:12 PM | Anonymous

    CPDme Looking to form a consultation panel of Volunteer Ambulance Personnel 

    CPDme are currently reviewing recommendation from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to deliver a proposal plan to help Volunteer Ambulance Personnel review, document and maintain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within their sectors. Staff at CPDme are working with Ambulance Officers and some Divisional St John Ambulance Officers to consult what indeed they are required to do as part of the requirements to maintain a professional approach to self-development and maintaining skill logs. We are currently looking at forming a lay group of members who are able to contribute through online meetings and discuss what would be useful and helpful in achieving these outcomes.

    If you are interested in helping promote and encourage CPD and the development within your chosen vocation. Please complete this form and one of the CPDme Volunteer Support Team will contact you shortly. Please note that we are looking for a variety of people from different backgrounds and special interests so please dont exclude yourself. CLICK HERE and complete our secure short form.


    Volunteer Support Team
  • 15 Apr 2011 5:51 PM | Anonymous
       Video Interview from the Exhibition

    Click the YouTube icon to view the interview and preview of the 2011 show with an interview with one of our executive team. Life Connections was the first public event for CPDme and we are glad to report that indeed it was a great success. Click the Icon to watch the video clip.





    As always we ask that you mention CPDme when contacting any of the organisations mentioned on our website so that we know we are providing useful information for you.

  • 14 Apr 2011 11:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Life-saving medical equipment was stolen from an East Midlands ambulance as it attended an emergency call.

    A defibrillator was taken as crews responded to emergencies around south Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire on Sunday.

    Police said it was unclear when the equipment was taken but it is thought thieves spotted an opportunity when the crew were away from the vehicle. Read More

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