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  • 13 May 2015 11:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    CPDme launch new refer a friend program that rewards £5 for each new referred member.

    CPDme have today published that they will launch the new £5 refer a friend scheme from Friday the 15th March 2015. This new scheme will reward new and existing members who refer new users to join our CPD Portfolio building website to record and maintain an accurate record of the CPD.

    The idea behind the scheme is to ensure that we reward our proactive customers with vouchers from amazon and Paypal credits to spend on courses, books and other learning materiel that will encourage CPD and self directed learning.

    You can become an CPDme Referring Partner if you:

    • Are a existing individual member of CPDme
    • Have your own business where you could promote CPDme
    • Want to make money for simply referring friends

    Individual CPDme members involved in the Referral Program will get:

    • £ 5 per customer you refer to who joins a paid level
    • Live statistics on referrals emailed each month if you have earned a credit
    • Paypal credit or amazon voucher emailed to you monthly
    • Custom designed banner on request to promote CPDme on social media

    If you wish to join the Referral Partner Programme, all you need to do is refer your friends and colleagues and request that they enter your details (full name or email address) when joining in the box highlighted as below.

    If you are a business and wish to resell our CPD Portfolio services. Please look at the affiliate scheme which offers a yearly reward for members. contact us for more details about this scheme.

    for more information about the scheme, email

  • 10 May 2015 8:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    CPDme make planning your future CPD Simple, Quick and Easy to update using our CPD Portfolio Builder

    The CPD team have made using the CPD Diary even more intuitive and integrated into your everyday technology by allowing the diary form to save a reminder to your local calendar.

    This great new addition to our CPD Portfolio builder will allow you to make a diary entry relating to future learning plans. For example:

    You are planning to attend a conference in three months time. You can make a quick entry to the CPD Diary which includes only:

    The Title of the Event: 

    Attending a conference in November 15

    The Date of the Event: 

    November 22nd 2015

    And thats it! 

    Click the add to calendar option and click submit:

    You can even attach the pre-learning materiel to the brief diary entry so that you always have access to this when required.

    The idea of this great new feature is that the system will remind you the day after the event to document what you have learned from the activity and prompts you via app notification, pop up calendar reminder or  text message (future update).

    This will help you maintain an accurate record of your CPD and ensure that you never forget what you have done and when you have done it!

    Another great reason to join

  • 24 Apr 2015 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Innovation for Pre-Hospital Care Conference

    IPHEC Conference 2015

    South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb) is to host its first international pre-hospital emergency care conference.

    Innovation for Pre Hospital Emergency Care (IPHEC 2015) will take place over two days on Wednesday 20 May and Thursday 21 May at the Amex Stadium in Brighton, birth place of the UK paramedic profession. The conference will be open to 1,000 delegates and is set to be one of the biggest of its kind.

    Supported by pharmaceutical firm, AstraZeneca and medical device provider, Teleflex, the conference is aimed at anyone with an interest in pre-hospital care and those working in the fields of emergency and cardiac care.

    Key note speaker at the conference is Freddy Lippert, Chief Executive Officer of Emergency Medical Services in Denmark’s Capital Region. Mr Lippert, who is considered to be the driving force behind Denmark’s success in improving outcomes for cardiac patients, will be one of 12 speakers across the two days.IPHEC poster

    Topics to be covered at the conference include:

    • Advance ECG Recognition
    • Advantages of PCI Treatment
    • The Critical and Complex Patient
    • Airway Management and the Advantages of Supraglottic Airways
    • Improving Cardiac Arrests Outcomes Nationally
    • Advanced Workshop in EZ-IO insertions
    • Advancements in Traumatic Cardiac Arrests

    Download the full agenda for both days.


    Tickets are £50 per day or £90 for both days (booking fees apply). The Quality Improvement Team have teamed up with the College of Paramedics to enable this to be accredited as one of their CPD events as well as securing external CPD accreditation. For your chance to meet experts in the field of cardiac care book your tickets by visiting

    Click image to download the Student Discount Offer

    This special discounted rate has been arranged for students who are studying a nursing or paramedic course. Simply Email the events team at for an application form 


    For guests wishing to stay during the conference, accommodation is available at preferential rates via the Visit Brighton website. There is parking available for those travelling by car.

    If you need any assistance with accommodation, email or call 01273 292626.

    For further information about the conference, please email or call 01273 484839 or 01273 484777.

  • 17 Apr 2015 5:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    CPDme welcome our new CPD course and Training Supplier Peritorum

    CPDme are proud to be associated with our new CPD course and training provider Peritorum.

    Peritorum is a bespoke education and training provider operating in both the Security and Healthcare Sector. Peritorum provide courses led by Security experts and Registered Health Care Professionals with formal teaching qualifications and experience. This ensures a student centred approach which will enhance the individual’s occupational and educational mobility. The company prides itself on making education and training as inclusive as possible by utilising a variety of delivery modes, including Virtual Learning Environments (VLE). This gives students’ the flexibility to study in a manner that suits their needs. 

    To this end Peritorum are delighted to announce the collaboration with Class Professional Publications in the provision of a variety of education packages. We are also currently in discussions regarding the use of VLE in our security courses.

    The Peritorum vision is the ability for individuals to gain formal qualifications outside of the usual restrictive employment environments. These qualifications are to be of a recognised standard using well known accrediting and awarding bodies. Alongside this, Peritorum are piloting and pioneering the development of bespoke courses that will be accredited by the Open Colleges Network. This provides our clients with flexibility in course objectives whilst having the courses awarded at a nationally recognised level.

    We are currently developing and delivering courses for the Maritime security industry, independent ambulance providers, NHS Trusts, CCG’s as well as local and central government bodies.

    Please click here to see all available courses on the Peritorum website, from medical to academic support. 

  • 31 Mar 2015 10:58 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    CPD Portfolio Building Android App set to Appear early May 2015

    Our development team are hoping to have the Android App Version 1.0 in the Google Play store by the end of May 2015.


    This long awaited app will allow you to:

    Submit a Diary entry

    Submit a Reflective Entry

    Contact Support

    Watch a guide video

    Access Our Social Media

    Update you to log in and update if you don't use the app for 30 days.


    Future planned upgrades are already being developed, but we are excited to at last have the Android App prepared for distribution.

    The CPDme IT Team


  • 19 Mar 2015 8:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    West Midlands Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine

    FREE Study Day - 27th April 2015

    West Midlands Pre-Hosiptal Emergency Medicine are holding a FREE CPD Study Dat. Please let your pre-hospital colleagues know about this free PHEM study day held at UHCW, Coventry on 27th April. 

    Venue: 2nd floor, Clinical Sciences Building, UHCW NHS Trust, Coventry. CV2 2DX.

    Awarded 6 CPD points by FPHC, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

    To reserve a place please email belinda.harrison@uhcw.nhs.ukand tell her you found this on CPDme.

    Details of the event are on the flyer. Download Here

    Please share this on social media or via the links below for a chance to win a Philips Tracking Locator worth £29.99

    Winner announced here on the 27th April 2015. Share Away !

  • 15 Mar 2015 10:39 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Plan your future learning and development with our NEW CPD Diary 

    Our new CPD Diary form lets you easily upload your planned learning and development events and then later populate what you learned and attach evidence like certificates, handouts and power points.

    You can forward diary entries as far as 5 years into the future which you can then populate when it comes closer to the time of the event.

    You simply just need to include:

    • The Date of the Event
    • Title of the event

    Perhaps upload the invite or pre-course learning material which you can then access anywhere you can access your CPDme account. 

    This great new Diary Form allows lots of other features like planned reminder emails, which means that we will let you know when your evidence is about to expire. This allows you plenty of time to make arrangements for a renewal or refresher of the original course.

    Each week we have a FREE Webinar planned to demonstrate the system. Simply Click here and book onto one today.

    Ready to join CPDme and make Portfolio building simple and accessible? Click here to join us now.
  • 03 Mar 2015 11:19 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Crashed Reflective Model designed for Pre Hospital Practitioners and Paramedic

    The “CRASHED” model is a purpose designed pre-hospital reflective care model acronym which stands for Communications, Response, Actions, Subsequent Actions, Hospital, Evaluation and Ethics and Discussion. It was created by a group of pre-hospital care students and influenced by the works of nursing theorist Patricia Benner and medical author Christopher Johns.

    These students wanted to create a model that was not only intended to be used by nurse practitioners but one that also focused on the specific and unique needs of pre-hospital care staff. 

    Most pre-hospital care providers have a tendency to not want to remember particular experiences and this model encourages and motivates them to do so in order to learn through a reflective practice. Believe it or not, using a structured reflection method such as the CRASHED model is essential to the professional development of your pre-hospital care career and on-going education.

    If you're a pre-hospital professional, or studying to be one, there are quite a few ways you can utilise the CRASHED model to your advantage, but before you take a look at the model, there are a few phrases and terms you need to get familiar with. 

    When using the CRASHED model, keep in mind that being directly involved with an experience or situation and having to quickly think prior to acting is known as “reflection-in-action”. When a participant is removed from the situation but still gaining knowledge from it, this is known as “reflection-on-action”. Lastly, reflecting on an occurrence after is has happened is known as “reflection upon reflection” and is key to knowing exactly what to do if a similar situation arises in the future. 

    The model itself is extremely simple and composed of a few questions for each category in a logical sequence making it easy for students to recall in order to assess a certain educational experience and share occurrences with various levels of staff. For example, the first category, communications, includes questions pertaining to the communication ability of yourself as well as those who gave you direction and worked with you. 

    When it comes to response, there are four different questions to be answered to note how you were able to handle and respond to any issue that you may have run into. There are also questions regarding transportation and pre-hospital care techniques along with information pertaining to the events that happened once you reached the hospital. 

    Lastly, there are questions that are meant to evaluate the overall ethics of your care and then a few to evoke discussion among both your peers and management. 

    By answering these questions you're able to reflect and identify which professional areas you may need to work on to advance your skill set and further your career. Some of the inquiries you might feel only need one word answers while others might require you to explore the situation more in depth. Both are totally acceptable. 

    It's up to you to only share what you feel comfortable sharing, but it's best to be completely honest to allow those you work with to grasp the entirety of the situation and come to terms with it yourself. 

    We all know that the best way to learn in our industry is through experiences and that's exactly what the CRASHED model focuses on. 

    Remember this acronym to perform a retrospective analysis on Communications, Response, Actions, Subsequent Actions, Hospital, Evaluation and Ethics and Discussion, all of the aspects that will make you a better pre-hospital professional and team member. 

    The electronic CRASHED model on has a simple but effective guide that assists you to document the model by highlighting key components. Take a look yourself by visiting the reflective model submission.

    References and Further Reading:

    With a special thank-you to the authors:
    Jamie Todd
    Steve Holland
    Faye Kinsella
    for their valued and dedicated contribution through the crashed model of reflection and application to pre-hospital education and development.

    It was originally
    published in June 2001 (Holland, Todd, Kinsella: Ambulance UK)

  • 14 Feb 2015 12:41 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    What is a CPDme Webinar and How Does it Work?

    A CPDme webinar is an online event that is hosted by our support team or management and broadcast to an invited group of individuals or members through their computers, tablets or mobile devices via the Internet.  (A webinar is sometimes also referred to as a “social webcast”, “online event” or “web seminar”.)

    A CPDme webinar allows a speaker from CPDme to share PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages or other multimedia content with members and groups that can be located anywhere.   This is great if we launch a new feature and would like to demonstrate this with you.

    Our CPDme Webinars typically have audio and visual components.  The visual component of a webinar is shared through a web conferencing tool or Internet browser.  The audio portion of a webinar is usually broadcast through the audience’s computers (through speakers and media players) or through the telephone. It may be useful for you to grab some headphones.

    A webinar also allows the CPDme team to interact with the audience.  The audience can ask the speaker or moderator (who is leading the webinar) questions in real-time through an instant messaging tool or e-mail. We also have polls and questions that you can vote and see the majority answers. 

    When you register for a webinar, you will be emailed all the instructions of the time date and a calender icon you can click to create a reminder. You will also be emailed the link that you click to join the planned session.

    You sometimes need to download a small secure piece of software from our webinar company. This is safe and will not cause you any problems.

    There are two planned webinars for the launch of the new website on the 16th Feb 2015:

    Webinar - How to use the NEW Website 16/02/15 7pm

    Webinar - How to use the NEW Website 25/02/15 8pm

    Please click onto one of these links and join the team who will demonstrate the new system and its great new features. Don't worry if you cant make it, we will email you a link to watch the video later.

  • 09 Feb 2015 3:06 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Using an Online CPD Portfolio builder to record and document your training, learning and  future development

    Some people such as medical professionals, safety experts, and lawyers are encouraged to participate in continuing professional development (CPD) and training throughout their careers to sharpen their skills, stay current on trends and stay updated on information in their industry. 

    If you're going to take the time to work hard and enrich your career, of course you want to track and document your progress and that why we developed CPDme.

    Organizing and maintaining a professional portfolio that documents your on going education and development is highly recommended for any skilled individual for many reasons, but thanks to technology long gone are the days of stuffing tons of paperwork, receipts and certificates in a filing cabinet.

    The advanced technology of today is now providing effortless ways to go about recording your continued development, skills and education while making the information more easily accessible than ever before. 

    If you're a career minded individual, having this kind of information right at your fingertips is helpful if you need it for an interview or even an audit. These days you can keep track of any special training certificates or awards you've received, activities or conferences you've attended, and anything other information relevant to your progress, learning and development secured in our online CPDme cloud folder. 

    Not only does creating an online professional development portfolio record the growth of your career, but being able to look at this material in an organised online folder can also assist you in making decisions when it comes to your professional and personal development plan for the future. 

    Believe it or not, you don't even need to be at your computer to record information for your CPD portfolio. Our new website will allow a responsive design to your mobile device or smartphone. Our iPhone APP also let users capture evidence that is related to their development or training such as images and audio files while on the go and with ease and allows you to seamlessly record activities on the move and then continue to work on them at your desktop. 

    Join CPDme today and maintain your "Development for Life" at 

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