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17 Jun 2020 5:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Q&A Questions and Answers -

The following is the full script from the LIVE Q&A session that was held on the 17th June 2020, we have covered the most common questions that we get asked on a regular basis. We hope this gives you a clear understanding on features our system offers and plans we have to for the future that will further develop the features and system we offer. 

Q- I am a Premium Member but I continually keep being asked to pay £1.99 fo the certificate? Whys this? Shouldn’t I be receiving this for Free?

A - As a Premium Member you receive a certificate completely free of charge. IT shouldn’t like you are accessing the library but you aren’t accessing the library through the CPDme dashboard. So the first thing you need to do is visit our website, then you will need to go to “your dashboard” and “login” with your details. After you have logged in successfully, you will need to go to the “videos” section this will then give an option to go into “premium certified webinars”. In that menu you will be able to watch any of the webinars that are available in this section. Once you have chosen the webinar you’d like to watch, click the webinar and after around 10 minutes into the webinar you will be given the option to click a pop-up that will give you a certificate for that webinar likewise at the end of the webinar this same option will be given to you so you can receive your certificate free of charge.

Q - I see that you are using a new webinar platform which looks amazing, how do I register and get a notification that the webinar is going live?

A - If you go onto your CPD dashboard, scroll down till you reach “Upcoming Events”. From there you select the webinar that you would like to register for and then a pop-up will arrive on your screen with a button that says “Register for Webinar”. Click on the register button, you will not need to register for your attendance as you are already logged into your dashboard so all the relevant details will be inputted automatically for you. 

Another method of registering for a webinar is by accessing the website directly, click on the webinar icon in the header and you will get the option go “CPDme recordings” or “Trauma Care recordings”. Click on CPD recordings and this will take you to the webinar section that will show you the “Upcoming Webinars”. From there all you need to do is elect the webinar you would like to register for and it will take you to that webinars specific page. If you then scroll down past the description and you will see the “Register now” button that is in blue. Click the button and that will take you through to the “registration screen”, there should be a pop-up at the bottom of your screen that will have a countdown to when the webinar is scheduled to go live. You will see the register button next to the countdown screen, once you have clicked register there will then be a pop-up that will ask you for your first and last name then below you will need to enter the email you have your account under. Once you have filled in the correct details click the register button that it’ll then take you to the “confirmation page”. To then add this to your calendar click on set reminder and that will then add it to your appropriate calendar. As long at the settings are correct in your calendar settings you will receive a notification on the day that you have a webinar that day. 

Q - I’m struggling to find where the webinar recording is after the event? When do the recordings get published?

A - To watch webinar recordings as a free or basic member you will need to go the CPDme website, log in and go to the webinar section. Clicking on the “CPDme webinar recordings” drop down option and this will take you to where all the recordings are held. For a premium member you will be able to watch these and receive the certificate for free whereas the basic members will have to pay a small fee of £1.99. This process is the same for Trauma Care webinar recordings as well. Remember that if you are a premium member you will need to go to your dashboard, go to the “video” library section. Click on “Premium Certified Webinars”, this will then show you all the webinars that are available to watch. You can search for a video in the “filter videos” section above the webinar recordings. Once you have found the video that you want to watch, click that video and after 10 minutes of watching, then at the end of the webinar recording, there will be a pop-up that gives you the option to accept your free certificate. Also all of our webinars are uploaded within a 24 hour period once the LIVE webinar has finished. 

Q - Why pick CPDme over another organisation? What do we have that’s better than our competitors?

A - At the heart of what we do is create a CPD platform that all an individuals development can be captured, we make it simple and easy to do. Another thing we have is over 10 years of experience  behind us in capturing CPD and supporting you guys out there as professionals. We support a range of different professional, we support people from the HCPC side and we support people from all sectors including finance, HR and so on. Our expertises and why we are so value to everyone is that we will support in all your development and we have the expertise in capturing CPD. We have all the professional in the fields behind it all, with the HCPC side we have a board of people and we have a doctor in CPD who supports us with it all. Most importantly we make it a family and a community to make sure we can support each and every member of the CPDme community, you aren’t just another number to us you re valued and we want to get the best possible outcome for you. Another unique aspect of our system is that its simple and easy to use, when we add a new tool or feature we do our very own beta testing where we get members to vigorously test the system to fine tune it. We do this because if it doesn’t follow our ethos which is CPD made simple, you won’t find it at CPDme. You will be able to capture unlimited amounts of CPD as well, while being able to reflect upon your learning and experiences and then you can pull this all together very easily to create a portfolio which you can use as evidence or for a job interview or for many that all important audit where you can show your CPD. Being able to collate it in the correct way is very important because we are all busy and we don’t have the time to format it. So with the use of our CPDme system it will do all that for you easily. 

Q - Am I able to plan CPD for the future?

A - Many people think that you just input your CPD as you go along and as you complete it, however with the use of the CPDme system you are able to plan ahead with your CPD. You can do this by going to the dashboard screen, selecting the diary option on the left. Then you would need to fill in the title of what you’ve done, that might be one of our in-depth webinars, then from there you’d need to fill in the date and bare essentials. From there you just need to save and close this down, you’ll see that this has been added into your personal diary with a red colour code next to the diary entry this will be a great reminder for you once you’ve completed your future CPD as it’ll remind you when you are next inputting data you’ll see you need to fill that section in. Then when you go into your calendar you will be able to clearly see what is planned CPD. So you can easily plan CPD while being able to see what you have already completed on a given day. 

Q - The android app. It’s looking a bit dated now, is it changing soon? Are you going to be updating the layout? Are you changing the look? Whats happening with it?

A - We are currently in the process of updating our Android app and making it super modern while still being very easy to use. Within the next 45/60 days you will be seeing these changes, we will be needing testers like spoken about above so that we can make it as simple and easy for our users. Once the beta testing has been completed we will be looking to get the app available for our members to use. The update will allow you to use the shared CPD feature, the planning and the calendar and etc. You can still use the app that’s available now but it is out of date regarding the version but what you can do is use the dashboard link. Once you have logged into your dashboard you can save this to your browser to make it completely mobile friendly version of the app. 

Q - For members who are not in UK organisations, may I ask when you will include an option to create a new category for members to create a new organisation grouping so that when their audit arrives they can selected the newly created category and it will select all entries with that category?

A - We are looking to do this as part of our next set of updates, so we are doing some quite significant updates to our system and we have a very nice announcement to make in the new week. We are looking to add the feature where an individual can add their own governing body when filling in CPD within the diary section. This is on the priority list that we are currently working through and hopefully we’ll have something in place by the end of the year so that the system is perfect for everyone. 

Thank you for taking time to read this, I hope this breakdown has help with any queries you had regarding our system or what we offer. If we didn't answer something that you would like to know more about, please follow the link and we'll do our best answer it in next weeks LIVE Q&A session with the CPDme team. 

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