CPDme Q&A Session - Summary from 01.07.20

01 Jul 2020 6:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Live Q&A 1st July 2020

The following is the full script from the LIVE Q&A session that was held on the 1st July 2020, we have covered the most common questions that we get asked on a regular basis. We hope this gives you a clear understanding on features our system offers and plans we have to for the future that will further develop the features and system we offer. 

Q - I’ve just registered to become a new member, where do i start? what do i do first?

A -  Go to the portfolio section on your dashboard and personalise your profile adding all the necessary parts such as a selfie. Fill in your job role, who your employer is and other additional information this is very similar to filling out a CV. This information can be changed as any point if you change employers which would change your governing body so make sure you keep this up to date. Work your way through the profile page then you will need to is start thinking about starting to add previous CPD or start planning future CPD. We touched on how to do this in our previous Q&A session so head over to them to find out more.

Q - I’m struggling for different types of cpd? what can i do?

A - A really good tip is to use the diary option and look at this different types of CPD that you can add to your account. This will give you some great useful guidance on what types of CPD there is, this my prompt you to listen to a podcast, watch a YouTube video or watch one of our very own webinars. When you are planning CPD try to venture out and do different types of CPD governing bodies and employers really like to see a wide variety of activities. 

Q - I Missed the live webinar but watched the recording, where or how do i get my certificate?

A - This depends if you are a member or someone who is just accessing our site. If you are a full paying member you can get your FREE certificate by accessing the videos library and watching a certain webinar there. After selecting premium certified webinars then searching and selecting the webinar of choice you will get the option after 10 minutes and at the end you will be given the option to receive your FREE certificate. If you are a FREE or Basic member you will need to go to the website and select the webinars tab then click “CPDme Recordings” where all previous webinars will be and while watching these you’ll get the option to buy your certificate for a small fee of £1.99. We don’t automatically send certificates out as we know everyone doesn’t want one.

Q - how do i tailor my portfolio for different situations? e.g my line manger. Also can i print it off? 

A - Go to your dashboard and select the Portfolio option, where you will be offered the option to select and deselect categories. Here you can decide what you want the body of your portfolio to include. After selecting what you would like to include you will go through another 5 simple steps where you can keep fine tuning your portfolio to make it most suitable for the situation you need it for. I you want to print this off all you have to do is either email it to yourself or you can download it which takes a bit longer. After doing either of these options you will be able print it off from there.

Q - Is there any upcoming changing that are being made to the system that members need to be aware of? 

A - We are updating the HCPC portal so that its up to the required started that they have recently changed. Also we have the updated android app that will be coming at the end of the summer that we are really excited about as its really coming together and starting to look amazing we know our community will love it but more so you should massively benefit from it. On top of these we have the custom option within the reflective practice session, this is where you will be able to add your own reflection model that you use as we know there are more than what we offer at the moment so we want to make sure that its tailored for you. If you have any feedback about out system and think we could improve on areas please don’t hesitate to tell us as we want to make our system as tailored to you as possible. 

Thank you for taking time to read this, I hope this breakdown of the Q&A session that we held has help with any queries you had regarding our system or what we offer. If we didn't answer something that you would like to know more about, please follow the link in the Q&A description area  and we'll do our best answer it in next weeks LIVE Q&A session with the CPDme team. 

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